Phishing cases risk your customers’ financial assets and the reputation of your company. An average of 25,000 users faces phishing attack every day. Customers who are exposed to phishing attacks hold their companies responsible for these cases. This situation affects the company's brand reputation and causes customer loss.

Net Protection protects your organization and your customers by providing fast and accurate solutions about online detection and blocking of Phishing cases with its Anti-Phishing solution, which is the first and only of its kind in the world.

Two different services are offered in Anti-Phishing application. The first of these monitoring services which provides online detection of Phishing cases and the Takedown service which blocks Phishing cases.

Monitoring Services

8 different areas are checked online at monitoring services.

8 Variety Monitor Service.
Domain Monitor Domain Monitor

Domain monitor scans to detect newly registered domains which contains your brand (e.g. every 12 hours. All detected domain names displayed at the control panel and sent regularly to the e-mail address which specified by you. It was found that the domain name contains attacked brand name in 92% of phishing cases.

Domain Monitor Content Monitor

Content monitor is a service checks every 10 minutes unpublished risky domain names(ex: which are detected by domain monitor and creates alarms in case of the words you specified in the content. This service allows you to be notified as soon as the website which prepared for phishing purposes launched.

Domain Monitor Hosting Monitor

Content monitor is a service checks every 10 minutes unpublished risky domain names(ex: which are detected by domain monitor and creates alarms when the owners get hosting service. This service allows you to be notified when a domain with high risk of phishing is launched.

Domain Monitor Ads Monitor

Ads monitor is a service which search your ed key words every 10 minute to detect top row ads in Google and Yandex and create alarms in case of top row ads found. With this service, these ads can be instantly detected if search engine top row ads are used to redirect to a website created for phishing purposes

Domain Monitor Google Monitor

This service enables the detection of content in Google results that is created to redirect to a website created for phishing purposes.

Domain Monitor Social Media Monitor

Social Media Monitor is a service which detects and creates an alarm when a page or account created in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter which’s content contains your brand. This service enables the identification of Social Media accounts set up for Phishing attack.

Domain Monitor Apps Monitor

Apps Monitor is a service which detects publication of an app which contains your brand name in App Store or Google Play and creates an alarm. With this service, phishing-oriented applications are detected immediately.

Domain Monitor Blacklist Monitor

Blacklist monitor checks that mails sent with company domain registers to spam list and creates alarm to inform you if a situation like this occurs.

Takedown Service

Takedown service allows you to block access to the Phishing cases that you have detected either through the monitor services or by yourself. Takedown service provides a definitive solution by accessing the source of Phishing case and blocking access from its source. Our expert team which gives service 7 x 24 x 265 will start to work on case as soon as you requested and inform you on process. They will send you a detailed e-mail when phishing case blocked.

In 11420 Phishing cases we handled in 2017, the average takedown time was 3.2 hours.

Dashboard Panel
Dashboard Panel
Dashboard Panel

Control Panel

The Anti-Phishing Panel which developed by Net Protection (Koruma) is the most advanced and most serviceable control panel in the world allows you to view the alarms generated by the Monitor services and the Takedown requests that you have created.

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